Do you need to bond materials with high precision?
→ Maan Special Products offers the solution
Do you need to realize very precise compounds?
→ Maan Special Products is able to help you
Surface treatment for perfect material compounds
→ Surface treatment is the solution

Maan Special Products

Do you need to bond materials together with high precision? Maan Special Products dominates with precision glueing. The activities could be performed in cleanrooms, therefore the bonding will always be of the highest quality. → Precision technology for your products?

Glueing components with electric conductive adhesives? Is it possible? An interesting question of the customer, directly welcomed by Maan Special Products.
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The focus is on the equalization of the adhesive layer: the adhesive should be equally as thick on every spot.
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O2 Sensor Seal
Determines the degree of oxygen in the tub and growth speed of the seed.
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One of the services that Maan Special Products fits like a glove is sealing thin foils and films,
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Coating of products, materials or components with CVD plasma.
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